Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bye Bye Super Points

Seems that Super Points has had a hiccup, I'm not sure when or if they will come back online. Hopefully they will, but if they don't, it was a good ride while it lasted.

EDIT 10-10-13
I have removed all the previous posts about SuperPoints, it's obvious they will not be returning to the scene, I have focused my attentions to Bubblews. :)


  1. I am so sooo glad that I stopped wasting my time on that site months ago and switched all my efforts to Gifthulk. Most companies and organizations give their users at least 1-2 weeks notice of any changes that will be coming their way. The fact that Superpoints failed to inform their users reflects poorly on them. GiftHulk always notified 1-2 weeks prior to the change and they almost never change their rules – only add new ways for me to earn!

  2. I'm with you mara, gifthulk is so much better!


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