Monday, August 19, 2013


SuperPoints is gone, I made so much money there, I didn't think I'd ever find another site where I could make that much money, well it seems I found a site where I earn MORE money even quicker!

It's called Bubblews. The first time I went there, it didn't make any sense to me, but later when I went back and signed up, it all began to make sense, and within a week, I was able to cash in for $25, I've done that each week now for 3 more weeks.

Bubblews is simple, think of it like FaceBook + blogging, you write posts, it needs to be your own work, they will not pay if you copy someone else's work. You can post up to 10 posts per 24 hour period, you get paid for posting. You connect with other people, connecting is like friending on FaceBook, they will connect with you. You read other peoples' posts and like or dislike, you can comment on their posts too, the other people there will read, like (or dislike) and comment on your posts. You build up a set of friends (connections), that's how you earn money, by posting, other people viewing/reading, likeing and commenting on your stuff, it's not hard to earn $25 a week, some earn even quicker than that. I was amazed at how quickly I earned my first $25.

It's all free, there are no fees to join, you don't need to get people to sign up under you, but if you do get someone to sign up under you, you get paid a small fee for their first post, that's it... this is not a scam, if you follow their rules and are active on there, you will get paid!

Here is my profile, you can read my stuff there

When you are ready to sign up, go through this link

Be sure to let me know who you are so I can connect with you there.

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