Tuesday, December 24, 2013

(almost) 1000th Connection

I am about to hit a major milestone on Bubblews, I am about to have 1000 connections, I wrote a message in several places on my profile to alert whoever is the 1000th connection to be SURE to write a comment on my profile page letting me know they are my 1000th connection.

I will get a notification about it, but unless I'm there in the 10-15 time period after it happens to see/read it, it will roll off my notifications page and into cyber oblivion... at that point, I will have to just guess at who it is, and hopefully I will not get 2 people saying they are my 1000th connection, that has happened to me before.

I want to celebrate this milestone by doing a super special writeup on that Bubbler, hopefully they have written some very interesting posts, or give me something I can work with, I'm pretty good at turning a little something into a super writeup, but I'm also hoping that I have someone really good and interesting to write about. I hope that doesn't sound condescending, most of the Bubblers there do write interesting things, but there are those few who write blather just to get their 400 characters and another post... "I woke up today....", "I zipped up my pants a few minutes ago, it was unzipped, then I zipped them...", you get the idea :)

I am so happy about this, it might happen that I'll hit that 1000th connection before I go to bed, but chances are, I'll just have to wait until I get up tomorrow and see who it is... I already have one Bubbler joking about un-connecting and re-connecting to be my 1000th connection, well, if that happens, I'll just have to write something extra interesting about them... (insert evil laugh)

Another thing that could happen is I could stay at 995 connections, with no one wanting to connect because THEY want to be my 1000th connection.... hmmmmm, if I'm still at 995 when I check tomorrow, I'll have to do something about that... I have an idea, but would rather not say it now...

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