Monday, July 7, 2014

SuperPoints is BACK!


SuperPoints is back! I am sooooo excited about this, I used to CLEAN UP on this site and plan on getting right back in there, this site pays you to participate on the site, the most fun thing they have is the Super Lucky Button, it's easy to do, just click and win, you don't get points on EVERY click, but on many of them you will, plus anyone who signs up under you, you earn the same thing they earn.

This site is not a scam, they did shut down last year, instead of just vanishing without notice, they allowed the members to cash in their points before they went down, I got paid and know a lot of people who got paid, bottom line, SUPERPOINTS did the right thing! They said they might come back and now they are back! I am sooooo pumped!

Sign up through my link please, complete your profile on there to upgrade (free), then start sharing your own link with your friends and family, go to SuperPoints everyday and click on the Super Lucky Button, then do the other things to do there to earn points.

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